"Frame the Badge" has removed much of the guesswork in determining size for badge and medal presentations. Every piece that we create is custom designed.

What size do I need to order?  It all depends...

A tenured officer will have a larger collection of badges and medals.  A commendation medal will be rather compact. Keep in mind that every piece must be placed and secured.  Extra large shadowbox presentations that contain shirts, belts, firearms, etc. require special mountings and considerations for shipping. We can determine all of this for you once we talk and/or receive all items you want included in the finished piece.

Contact Tim directly if you have questions or a creative idea for a shadowbox presentation.



  • SMALL » Opening size = 16 x 20 • Finished size = 20 x 24

  • MEDIUM » Opening size = 20 x 24 • Finished size = 24 x 28

  • LARGE » Opening size = 24 x 28 • Finished size = 28 x 32 ​​